September 19, 2014

The Only Friend

I’m getting too old
Feeling is too much
Everything is ruled by fear
I need to leave
I’ve got nowhere to go
Everyone has left
Years ago
Death is my companion
He follows me daily
The only friend I have
The only one I need
Such a lonely journey
Cold comforts
Sought in the grave
The only place I have
A true escape
The best route to take.


I watch your eyes go blind
Under the wrath of my hold
You’re mine forever
No one else will ever know

So long I stared
Lingering in the shadows
You never knew a thing
Drowning in your own shallows

The darkest thoughts
They come to life
Dancing before me
In your dying light

What do you expect of me
Your twisted savior in the night
To show you mercy
For your display of fright

I’ve rescued you
Your existence so pitiable
I’m saving you from yourself
Yet you have the audacity to struggle

I’m winning the war
Your battles all lost
We walk the same paths
Our fates meaningfully crossed

 You’re a broken demon
I’m your source of divinity
Beneath my hold
You strangle into infinity.

March 31, 2014

What To Do To You

So here you are before me,
What should i do with you
What can i do to you
The mind boggles
The heart drops dead
But this is everything,
So desired, so tempted
Oh what to do to you
Ties and chains won't do,
Not just yet there is more...

January 28, 2014

Old Poetry from 2008 "Shadow Sands"

Black balloon in hand
To far below, the Shadow
How dare i think to let go

An ocean of sand
Dreams of my discovery
Ahead, waiting to drown me

Such a horrible fear
Floating ever farther
Closer to a demanding hunger

Onward is a dagger
Needing to feed
Moving straight to me

The brutal incisor
Bursts apart my saviour
I'm falling to the Shadow

Sinking quickly yet slow
Ebony sand fills my mind
Burning through dilated eyes

My mouth screams lies
A vicious trick of panic
The quiet won't break

Reality fades to black
The Shadow has won
There's no coming back.

Old Poetry From 2008 "Candy Cane Colored Death v2"

I've got a friend
Lying peacefully in my yard
He's got candy cane colours
And lots of time to spare
Milk coats his irises
Eye contact isn't my thing
I don't know if he sleeps
But he doesn't move
Yesterday he turned blue
I think there's grey in there
Maybe a little yellow too
There's a plan to see today
If he's gone purple or black
I'm betting on the latter
He smells of ancient cheese
And rotten crotch
I like that best about him
With good reckoning
Perhaps in a week or so
He'll be melting like ice cream
It's been rainy
That makes things gooey
He's got a few pets
Some are white and wormy
While others are crawly
They like his mouth
Practically living there
Of course other holes
Have made a good home too
The first day he looked minty
Red on the back
White on the front
A lot like hard stick candy
Day two saw the arrival
Of what appeared like chocolate
It didn't smell that sweet
Now, yesterday
He was a rainbow
Kind of like Skittle puke
Today, I'd bring him in
But he wouldn't do well
He doesn't go with my decor
Sure, i want him for dinner
No need to be rude
Unfortunately, he'd fall apart
Much like rib meat
From perfectly cut bones
No, i must leave him there
At least until he's all white sticks
Then i can hope for bowls
Ashtrays, hell, even a table
He'll be my favourite friend
Forever and ever and always.

Another Old One 2008 "Idle Motivations"

I've sat idle long enough
Restlessness won't leave me
But gods forbid I move
Oh the horrors I'd concoct
Choice is always damnation
It's a pity I can't run from it
Difficulty can't be lost
It will follow forever
Unless I can beat it down
Routine has come to boredom
I wish not for happiness
Instead, perhaps, just satisfaction
There will be a long persuit
Lying still isn't productive
Alone I have a power
Domination leads to godliness
Troubles can take a back seat
My time has finally arrived
Oh the beauty of motivation
I will own what I cherish
No longer living vicariously
How dare I never thought-
"What perfection walks behind me?"
I can have it all in an instant
A world balances in my hand.

Yet Another Old One From 2008 "Lost for You"

So lost for you
A dream never touched
Far outside of reason
You're an ideal simplicity
Oh how i've followed
But you're too much ahead
Beyond all sense of reaching
I can't quite let go
Despite obvious defeat
I'd fall into oblivion
Just for your realization...
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