January 28, 2014

Another Old One 2008 "Idle Motivations"

I've sat idle long enough
Restlessness won't leave me
But gods forbid I move
Oh the horrors I'd concoct
Choice is always damnation
It's a pity I can't run from it
Difficulty can't be lost
It will follow forever
Unless I can beat it down
Routine has come to boredom
I wish not for happiness
Instead, perhaps, just satisfaction
There will be a long persuit
Lying still isn't productive
Alone I have a power
Domination leads to godliness
Troubles can take a back seat
My time has finally arrived
Oh the beauty of motivation
I will own what I cherish
No longer living vicariously
How dare I never thought-
"What perfection walks behind me?"
I can have it all in an instant
A world balances in my hand.

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