January 28, 2014

Old Poetry From 2008 "Candy Cane Colored Death v2"

I've got a friend
Lying peacefully in my yard
He's got candy cane colours
And lots of time to spare
Milk coats his irises
Eye contact isn't my thing
I don't know if he sleeps
But he doesn't move
Yesterday he turned blue
I think there's grey in there
Maybe a little yellow too
There's a plan to see today
If he's gone purple or black
I'm betting on the latter
He smells of ancient cheese
And rotten crotch
I like that best about him
With good reckoning
Perhaps in a week or so
He'll be melting like ice cream
It's been rainy
That makes things gooey
He's got a few pets
Some are white and wormy
While others are crawly
They like his mouth
Practically living there
Of course other holes
Have made a good home too
The first day he looked minty
Red on the back
White on the front
A lot like hard stick candy
Day two saw the arrival
Of what appeared like chocolate
It didn't smell that sweet
Now, yesterday
He was a rainbow
Kind of like Skittle puke
Today, I'd bring him in
But he wouldn't do well
He doesn't go with my decor
Sure, i want him for dinner
No need to be rude
Unfortunately, he'd fall apart
Much like rib meat
From perfectly cut bones
No, i must leave him there
At least until he's all white sticks
Then i can hope for bowls
Ashtrays, hell, even a table
He'll be my favourite friend
Forever and ever and always.

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